December 4, 2023 urges for commitments to phase-out fossil fuels, not phase- down

Following comments made at this afternoon’s press conference by COP28 President Al-Jaber that “the phase-down and the phase-out of fossil fuels” is essential, Cansin Leylim from said: 

“After reported comments from COP28’s President yesterday that there is no basis in the science behind the phase-out of fossil fuels, this is a huge relief. For too long these UN climate conferences have failed to address the main cause of the climate crisis, which have been scientifically proven over and over again to be fossil fuels. 

COP28 needs to take its next leap and must recognize that a mere ‘phase down’ of fossil fuels is no longer sufficient. To safeguard our planet and its inhabitants, we must embrace a fast, full, fair, and funded phase-out of fossil fuels  and steer the course towards the  powering up of renewable energy and energy efficiency targets in the COP28 formal outcome.”