August 17, 2015

350 Responds to Arctic Drilling Permit Decision

August 17, 2015
Contact: Karthik Ganapathy, (347) 881-3784

In response to a decision by President Obama’s Department of Interior on Arctic drilling, Executive Director May Boeve released the following statement:

“It’s hypocritical for the Obama administration to issue another permit allowing Shell to drill in the Arctic Ocean just weeks before visiting melting glaciers in Alaska. If this White House is serious about its legacy on climate action, it’s time to stop the doublespeak and finally begin aligning its action with the rhetoric.

“Scientists have told us again and again that we need to keep 100% of Arctic oil underground in order to avert catastrophic climate change. That’s why so many people — including three major presidential candidates — have said President Obama has it wrong on this one. But this fight is far from over: our movement will continue to pressure the President, during his upcoming visit to Alaska and beyond, to make sure he makes the right call in the end.”