June 12, 2015

350 Responds to House Votes on Trade Package

June 12, 2015
Contact: Karthik Ganapathy (347) 881-3784

After votes in the U.S. House of Representatives on the Obama Administration’s trade package, 350.org Executive Director May Boeve issued the following response:

“Today’s votes to stall fast-track and TPP are a major win for anyone who cares about climate change. This disastrous deal would extend the world’s dependence on fracked gas, forbid our negotiators from ever using trade agreements in the fight against global warming, and make it easier for big polluters to burn carbon while suing anyone who gets in the way. That message clearly broke through today, as House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi got up, bucked enormous pressure, and rallied against the deal, specifically citing concerns about its impact on climate change. Today was a big win, but the thousands of climate activists across the country who stood up and linked arms with fellow progressives to get us here won’t rest until fast-track and TPP are dead for good.”