February 25, 2015

350 responds to the EU’s proposed emission cuts

In reaction to the European Union’s proposal to contribute with 40% carbon cuts on 1990 levels by 2030 to the climate deal to be finalised in Paris in December, 350.org Europe team leader Nicolò Wojewoda issued the following statement:

“The European Union’s proposed pledge fails to deliver the emission cuts required to be in line with science and justice.”

“As unambitious as the proposed emission reductions are, they mask an even more worrying reliance on policies that hinder a transition to a low-carbon world. This is particularly evident in the EU’s intention to continue large-scale investments in fossil fuels. [1] With plans to pour up to €69 billion into high-carbon projects, the EU can’t claim the role of climate leader.”

“The EU’s announcement makes it clear that it is up to citizens to push for bold climate action and show the leadership that our institutions fail to show.”



[1] RTCC, ‘One fifth of proposed EU fund investment high carbon, high risk’, 3 February 2015