May 7, 2019 on New York Comptroller DiNapoli’s latest Exxon engagement attempts

“Exxon knew, it’s time to make them pay.”

Brooklyn, NY — Ahead of ExxonMobil’s annual shareholder meeting in Dallas, Texas on Wednesday, May 29, 2019, New York State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli, together with the Church of England, announced a last ditch engagement effort to separate executive positions between the board chair and CEO positions.

On this latest attempt, Thanu Yakupitiyage, US Communications Manager and New Yorker, said:

“Attempting to disperse oversight among Exxon executives will never get them to change their stripes, so why in the world is DiNapoli still attempting to negotiate with them? While DiNapoli drags his feet, the costs of climate chaos are being paid through our lives and livelihoods. Our communities are already hard at work building real solutions to the climate crisis, like the Green New Deal and New York Fossil Fuel Divestment Act. You can be sure New Yorkers, Texans, and people across the country will hold fossil fuel executives accountable for their decades of lies. Exxon knew, it’s time to make them pay.”

This comes following the SEC quashing DiNapoli and the Church’s climate resolution, as the New York State Fossil Fuel Divestment Act and Green New Deal picks up unprecedented momentum, and after DiNapoli’s years of fruitless engagement with ExxonMobil.

To date, over 1050 institutions representing more than $8 trillion in assets have committed to divest. Activists from Dallas to New York plan to mobilize around Exxon’s shareholder meeting on May 29th.


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