December 16, 2022

Manchin’s Dirty Deal is Defeated for a Third Time

Washington D.C. — Today, after Senator Manchin’s “permitting reform” provision gained support from President Biden but drew continued opposition from both parties and frontline communities, the Senate passed the National Defense Authorization Act without Manchin’s Dirty Deal provisions. This marks another major win for climate justice and people power, and it marks the third time Manchin’s “Dirty Deal” has been defeated.

Thanu Yakupitiyage,’s U.S. Communications-Digital Director, responded: 

“Despite Senator Manchin’s best efforts, frontline communities and their allies have triumphed and defeated his fossil fuel fast-tracking ‘Dirty Deal’ for a third time. The fossil fuel industry will continue to try these last-ditch efforts and gain support in high places—most recently, from President Biden, in a betrayal of frontline communities—but local leaders and the climate movement refuse to back down. Thanks to the power of mass mobilization, our communities continue to show that people power can and will win over short-term financial interests. We won’t stop fighting until all fossil fuels are kept in the ground.”


Press Contact: Melanie Smith, [email protected]