September 3, 2019

Fridays for Future joined by diverse civil society alliance for September strikes

German climate strikes gain the support of churches, charity, cultural associations, NGOs, unions and social movements. 

Berlin, Germany — Hundreds of climate strike demonstrations are planned throughout Germany as people from all walks of life pledged to support student strikers.

A broad range of civil society organisations has come forward to support the Fridays for Future climate strike on 20 September, when people around the world will be taking to the streets to demand just and effective climate action.

The alliance includes environmental and development NGOs, charity and cultural associations, churches, as well as climate initiatives and a wide range of groups and social movements. Companies and trade unions are also mobilising to support the strike.

“As a broad civil society alliance, we call on everyone to take to the streets together with Fridays for Future on 20 September. Together we demand climate action now!” said a representative of the alliance.

“Join the Fridays for Future demonstrations near you and support the young people in their protest for a future without a climate crisis – their warnings and demands are justified. If young and old stand together now, we can drive the government to action.”

Fridays for Future has called for a global climate strike: “Many adults have not yet understood that we young people cannot stop the climate crisis alone. This is a task for all of humanity.”

On 20 September, the day of the climate strike, the federal government’s climate cabinet will be meeting to decide on its next steps on climate policy. A few days later, Chancellor Merkel will travel to New York to present the decisions to the international community at the UN Special Summit.

According to the alliance: “So far, the German government has failed to deliver ambitious climate policies, and words have not been followed by action”. In fact, atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations continue to rise. If we fail to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees, there is a serious risk that a climate catastrophe cannot be avoided.

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The alliance is coordinated by:, Avaaz, BUND, Campact, Greenpeace, Klima-Allianz Deutschland, NABU, NaturFreunde Deutschlands, Together for Future, Umweltinstitut München, and WWF, as well as the youth organisations Naturschutzjugend, Naturfreundejugend, BUNDjugend and WWF Jugend.

A list of more than 100 supporting organisations can be found at:

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