September 18, 2019

Historic Climate Strikes planned in Berlin, Paris and London as Europe prepares a wave of mobilisations

Media Advisory

Europe – Adults will join young people across the planet as millions of people disrupt business as usual by joining the global climate strikes on the 20th September and 27th September and for the ‘week for the future’ in between. 

More than 1240 actions are being planned in Europe across 37 countries, with over 4600 strikes set to take place around the world, organised by 73 trade unions, over 1000 companies and 500 organisations. In Europe the support is diverse, from migrant justice groups to masseurs, people will take to the streets from Spain to Slovakia demanding action to address climate breakdown.  

Please find below an overview of some key actions taking place across Europe including information you need to attend:


GERMANY (follow #AlleFürsKlima #Klimastreik)

20 September

Climate Strike Berlin – large scale mobilisation, keynote speakers, interviews

  • Location: Straße des 17. Juni, 10117
  • Time: 12pm – 4pm CEST
  • For press enquiries contact Immanuel (Fridays for Future) +491631774535
  • More information here

25 September

Fossil Free EIB rally – colourful protest, keynote speakers, interviews

  • Location: Outside the European Investment Bank HQ in Berlin, Lennéstraße 11, 10785
  • Time: 1pm CEST
  • For press enquiries contact Katja George ( [email protected] +491778756592
  • More information here 


FRANCE (follow #GrevePourLeClimat)

20 September

Youth for Climate led Paris strike – large scale march, rally, festival, with keynote speakers, interviews

  • Times and locations: 1pm CEST march starts at Place de la Nation, 75012; 2.30pm – 9pm CEST rally and festival at Parc de Bercy
  • For press enquiries contact Clémence Dubois ( [email protected] +33642713175, Lena Lazare (Youth For Climate Paris) [email protected] +33782242462 
  • More information here

21 September

Paris march for climate and social justice – large scale rally, march, keynote speakers, interviews

Mass civil disobedience – a peaceful action targeting hypocritical leaders and corporations responsible for the climate crisis


UNITED KINGDOM (follow #ClimateStrike)

20 September

London Climate Strike – large scale rally, keynote speakers, interviews


NETHERLANDS (follow #ClimateStrike)

20 September 

March for Future – School strikers start a 100k+ walk from Wageningen to The Hague (to join Climate Strike in The Hague on 27 September)

  • Times and locations: 12pm CEST march starts at Hollandseweg 11, Pantarijn in Wageningen 
  • For press enquiries contact Beppie Gorter & Anneke Wensing, +31 6-85803115
  • More information here

27th of September

Climate Strike in The Hague – large scale rally, keynote speakers, interviews



  • In Ukraine, a large mobilisation will be held on 20 September at 12pm in Mykhailivska square, Kyiv. For more information contact Inna Datsiuk via [email protected] +38631551932
  • In Belgium, a large strike will be held on 22 September at 11am in Jean Rey Square in Brussels on the eve of the UN Climate Summit in New York. More information here.
  • In Switzerland, major strikes and demonstrations are planned by students in Bern – demanding the phase-out of fossil fuels, climate justice, and dignified life for everyone worldwide.
  • In Eastern Europe, protests will take place against a mining extension in Silesia, Poland. Actions are also planned in Albania, Ukraine, Bulgaria, and Croatia.
  • In Turkey, strikes will take place in major cities including Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir – people will congregate in traditional spaces of resistance and outside government buildings to demand an end to coal use and climate justice.



  • Please contact us for spokespeople (in Europe and in other regions).
  • Photos and b-roll highlights of the Global Climate Strikes will be uploaded here.
  • Reporters can follow live coverage of the event on the 20th here.



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