March 10, 2014

Keystone XL Protestors “Sweep Out Corruption” at Philadelphia Federal Building

Around 50 Protestors Will Be Risking Arrest in Act of Civil Disobedience Targeting the Dirty State Department Pipeline Review 

Philadelphia, PA — This afternoon at 12:30pm, a group of Keystone XL pipeline opponents will march up to the Federal Building in Philadelphia, armed with brooms to “sweep out the corruption” they see in the State Department’s latest environmental review of the controversial pipeline. Around 50 people are expected to risk arrest during the action.

The groups taking part in today’s event include the Earth Quaker Action Team, Be the Change, Rising Tide Philadelphia, and 350 Philadelphia, a local affiliate of the international climate campaign

Eileen Flanagan, Earth Quaker Action Team board member and mother of two, said before the action, “A few years ago I realized that all the things I do to secure my children’s future — from bringing them to the doctor for annual checkups to helping them with their homework — won’t mean anything if the climate they inherit is destroyed. I’m willing to risk being arrested to show President Obama that this issue is this important.”

Where: William J. Green Federal Building, 600 Arch Street, Philadelphia, Pa.

When: 12:30 p.m. Today, Monday, March 10th

What: 50 plus participating in civil disobedience, banners, brooms, actions / coalition of activist organizations including EQAT, 350 Philadelphia, Be the Change, and Rising Tide Philadelphia.

For interviews Monday before and during action

Jonathan Snipes: EQAT, jonathansnipes [@], 215-880-1231

Alexa Ross: EQAT, a.ross1520 [@] 402-310-2508