November 21, 2016

More than 45 Vigils in Planned Nation-wide on Monday to Protest the Kinder Morgan Pipeline

Multiple Cities – Hundreds of people will join more than 45 vigils across Canada and Quebec today to urge Prime Minister Trudeau to reject the Kinder Morgan pipeline as the deadline for a decision on the pipeline draws near.

“Climate leaders don’t build pipelines, and the Kinder Morgan pipeline will make it impossible for Canada to meet our climate commitments,” Clayton Thomas-Muller,’s Stop-it-at-the-Source campaigner explained. “We’re seeing vigils across Canada because from coast to coast, people know that if Trudeau wants to keep his promises on climate and Indigenous rights, he needs to reject this pipeline.”

Large crowds are expected at events in Ottawa, Montreal, Vancouver and other cities. A full list of events can be found here:

“People all across Canada and Quebec want Trudeau to step up and take real climate leadership by rejecting the Kinder Morgan pipeline,” explained Laura Cutmore a student who organized a vigil in Halifax. “Just as there is nationwide attention on this pipeline tonight, there will be widespread, coast to coast opposition if Trudeau approves Kinder Morgan.”

A decision on the Kinder Morgan pipeline, an 890,000 barrel per day project with the same climate impact as over 30 million cars, has to come down before December 19th. The vigils are part of escalating pressure across Canada and Quebec to try and stop the pipeline from ruining the climate, violating Indigenous rights and endangering communities along the proposed pipeline route.


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