nation wide vigils to stop the Kinder Morgan pipeline.


On November 21st, 2,000 people in over  50 communities from coast to coast in Canada  joined the day of #KMVigils to stand up against the Kinder Morgan pipeline. Together, they sent a clear national message to the Prime Minister: the Kinder Morgan pipeline would be devastating for the climate and Indigenous rights. He must reject this project.


Will Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stay true to his promises and reject this pipeline?


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Can you tell me more about the Kinder Morgan pipeline?

Before the end of 2016, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will either approve or reject the Kinder Morgan tar sands pipeline.

If built, the Kinder Morgan pipeline will steamroll over Indigenous rights and make it impossible for Canada to meet the global climate change commitments made in Paris. It would make an oil spill in the Pacific Ocean almost inevitable.

The Kinder Morgan pipeline would move 890,000 barrels of tar sands each day. Bigger than the Keystone XL pipeline, Kinder Morgan is the emissions equivalent of adding 34 million cars to Canada’s roads. If built, it would mean 400 tankers passing along the Pacific coast each year, with a spill all but guaranteed.

In addition to all this, the government does not have the consent of communities and Indigenous peoples. Indigenous peoples from Coast Salish Nations are opposed to the pipeline. The mayors of Vancouver and Burnaby have made it clear that their constituents fundamentally oppose this project. Indigenous communities, like the T’sleil Watuth Nation, are already in court to stop the project, and we need to stand with them.

Send a message to Prime Minister Trudeau telling him to reject the Kinder Morgan pipeline. 

Watch this webinar with Rueben George & Bill McKibben to see why these vigils matter in the Kinder Morgan fight:

On October 24th 2016, 99 youth and students were arrested calling for a rejection of Kinder Morgan. Watch:

People in BC have been strong in the fight against Kinder Morgan. Watch:



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These vigils are being supported by: 350.org, Leadnow.ca, Greenpeace Canada, the Council of Canadians, the Canadian Youth Climate Coalition and more.