April 19, 2021

Not Serious About Climate Change – 350.org Response to Canada Federal Budget

Toronto, ON – In response to today’s federal budget, Amara Possian, Canada Campaigns Director with 350.org, issued this response. 

“This budget makes it crystal clear that Justin Trudeau is not serious about tackling the climate emergency. The budget’s 36% emissions reductions by 2030 is way below what Canada committed to in the Paris Agreement. 

A serious climate budget would have included funding for Justin Trudeau’s promised Just Transition Act, ending fossil fuel subsidies and providing big, bold, Green New Deal style supports for communities to make the necessary move away from fossil fuels. Instead, Trudeau’s budget is giving $5 billion to big polluters, on top of the $18 billion we already give to Big Oil. Canada should be ashamed to have such low climate ambition, especially just days before Joe Biden’s global climate summit. 

This budget shows exactly why Canada needs a Climate Emergency Alliance between the Greens and the NDP. Without it, we’re stuck with Trudeau doing less than the bare minimum of what is needed to tackle the climate crisis”. 


Contact: Cam Fenton, [email protected], 604-369-2155