November 8, 2021

Nothing About Us : Without US

As the UN climate summit enters its second week, campaigners are increasingly concerned by the lack of access to the climate talks. Hundreds of environmental, academic, climate justice, indigenous and women’s rights organisations have warned that excluding them from negotiating areas and from speaking to negotiators will have dire consequences on the outcome of the climate summit. 

On Monday 8th of November, campaigners will hold a series of actions to highlight the fact that voices critical to the UN climate talks have been effectively shut out of the space or have had to face huge struggles to get to Glasgow and to attend this COP.

Dipti Bhatnagar, Climate Justice and Energy coordinator, Friends of the Earth International, in Mozambique:

“The UK is delivering the most exclusionary UN climate summit ever, pushing ahead with the summit while Covid-19 still ravages and so many in the Global South have not been able to get a vaccine or visa or are affected by the constantly-changing quarantine rules. It is hard to see how COP26’s outcomes could be considered fair and legitimate with those on the frontline of climate impacts unable to make their voices heard in the streets of Glasgow and in the halls of the COP.”

“We are extremely concerned that rich countries and polluting corporations will push through a dangerous and damaging agreement on carbon markets, claiming themselves as climate champions while ignoring their historical responsibility and the urgency to cut emissions now.”

Cansin Leylim, Global Spokesperson for said:

“There is a total lack of representation of climate-vulnerable communities at the UN climate summit. Voices from frontline communities, especially indigenous peoples, have been excluded from official spaces at the climate negotiations. Civil society voices are critical to the outcome of the climate summit but they are not being heard.”