November 7, 2020

Time for Trudeau to Change his Tune on Keystone – 350 Canada Responds to US Election

Following the announcement that Joe Biden has been elected the next President of the United States, Amara Possian, Canada Campaigns Director with, issued this statement: 

“Canada has the chance to work with the United States to tackle the climate emergency, we shouldn’t waste this opportunity by pushing for a pipeline that people don’t want and the planet can’t handle. There is no better time for Justin Trudeau to change his tune on Keystone XL and get on the right side of history.”

350 Canada has launched an open letter to the President-Elect supporting his promise to cancel the Keystone XL pipeline in his first 100 days, and opposing efforts by Justin Trudeau, Jason Kenney and Canada’s fossil fuel lobby to push the pipeline through


Contact: Cameron Fenton, 604-369-2155, [email protected]