January 18, 2021

Time for Trudeau to Lead, Follow or Get Out of the Way – 350 Canada Statement on Planned Cancellation of Keystone XL.

Toronto, ON – Responding to rumours that United States President-Elect Joe Biden plans to cancel the Keystone XL pipeline’s Presidential permit, Amara Possian, Canada Campaigns Director with 350.org issued this statement: 

“When Canada’s Ambassador to the United States says that Keystone XL fits with Canada’s climate plan, either she’s lying or Justin Trudeau was when he promised a plan that would align with the world’s best climate science. Scientists and economists on both sides of the border, including the Canada Energy Regulator’s own analysts, have clearly determined that you can’t build Keystone XL and tackle the climate crisis.

Right now, Justin Trudeau has a choice. He can either keep throwing good money after bad by pushing projects like Keystone XL and Trans Mountain, or he can actually listen to science, and get behind a full-scale clean energy transition that moves at the pace we need. Cancelling Keystone XL is a signal that President Elect Biden is serious about climate change, and it’s time for Justin Trudeau to either lead, follow or get out of the way.” 


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