November 29, 2018 US on Trump’s COP24 coal sideshow

USA — An exclusive from Reuters revealed the Trump administration’s plans for an “official” coal sideshow at next week’s COP24 in Poland, despite releasing reports recognizing the reality of a “worsening” climate crisis, as well as one finding oil, coal, and gas extraction on public lands significantly worsens climate impacts highlighting the need to keep fossil fuels in the ground.

COP24 will take place in Katowice, Poland beginning Sunday, December 2nd and closing on December 14th.

Following the US National Climate Assessment and ahead of COP24, May Boeve, Executive Director of, issued the following statement:

“Trump’s COP24 coal convention is a disgraceful clown show. As the world transitions away from coal, oil, and gas, fossil fuel CEOs and their political puppets are trying to keep us hooked. Meanwhile, communities here at home — from California to Puerto Rico and more — are attempting to rebuild from devastating and worsening fires and storms.

“Last week’s National Climate Assessment doubled down on IPCC warnings: the climate crisis is already here, and the costs are being paid for in our lives and livelihoods. Instead of propping up sunset industry, we should be investing in a Green New Deal that prioritizes frontline and coal-communities, nurtures a livable planet, and creates millions of good jobs in the process.

“Led by Indigenous Peoples, youth, and frontline communities, people across the US are already hard at work building real solutions to the climate crisis: from solar panels in the path of Keystone XL, to offshore wind, and a community-owned solar plant in Brooklyn. In the face of a federal administration exploiting our health and safety, we need to pressure elected officials at all levels to take action at the scale of the crisis; that means stopping all fossil fuel projects and transitioning to 100% renewables for all.”

The UN Summit is a key opportunity for governments to respond to October’s IPCC Report (the UN climate science panel), which shows we must stop all fossil fuel projects to meet the 1.5℃ goal set in Paris. Organizations across the US, including, are using the opportunity to highlight the People’s Demands for Climate Justice. Globally, will use COP24 to highlight specific fossil fuel projects that must be stopped, as well as examples of real climate action taking place in Eastern Europe, in financial markets, and across the world.


US Contact: Thanu Yakupitiyage, [email protected], 413 687 5160

COP24 on-the-ground contacts: Alex Rafalowicz, [email protected], Hoda Baraka, [email protected]