August 21, 2018 on Trump’s replacement of the Clean Power Plan

Washington, DC — Today, the Trump administration unveiled the Affordable Clean Energy rule, a new effort to rollback the Clean Power Plan that would allow for increased carbon emissions and pollution as part of an effort to resuscitate Big Coal. Executive Director May Boeve made the following statement in response:

“Trump’s attack on the Clean Power Plan isn’t just a reversal of policy, it’s an all-out assault on our climate and communities. This new plan gives more power to fossil fuel polluters while leaving people to deal with the consequences of a worsening climate crisis. In the midst of record-breaking temperatures and scorching wildfires, slashing regulations on carbon emissions is a recipe for further climate devastation. It’s clear once again that the Trump Administration cares only about propping up their fossil fuel executive friends over the wellbeing of people and the planet.

“The cruel irony of this dirty power scam is that the EPA’s own analysis shows that emissions would grow under their plan and lead to 1,400 more premature deaths annually, 48,000 new cases of exacerbated asthma, and at least 21,000 new missed days of school annually by 2030 because of increased pollutants in the atmosphere. This is what Trump will be “celebrating” in West Virginia today as he gives his fossil fuel billionaire friends yet another handout.

“Now more than ever, states must step up where the federal government is neglecting the health of people and the planet. Across the country and the world, people are gearing up to rise for climate on September 8th, days ahead of Governor Brown’s Global Climate Action Summit. In the absence of U.S. federal leadership, elected officials and decision-makers at all levels must take real and immediate action for a fossil free world.”



Rise for Climate, Jobs, and Justice is part of an international day of action, with hundreds of events planned around the world. In the United States, more than 200 events are planned and thousands will be mobilizing in San Francisco, which will host Governor Brown’s Global Climate Action Summit and in cities across the country, including New York, Miami, New Orleans, Tacoma, Portland, and more.


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