January 6, 2021

350.org on white supremacist attempted coup in the U.S. Capitol

Washington, DC — Today, as the U.S. Congress prepared to certify the November 2020 presidential election results, white supremacists breached four rounds of security around the U.S. Capitol, reaching armed conflict on the Congressional floor. Throughout his presidency, Donald Trump’s fascism flamed the fires of hate and racism, resulting in today’s violence. This comes as Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock both won their Georgia Senator run-off elections, and exactly two weeks before the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden.

In response, May Boeve, 350.org Executive Director, issued the following statement:

“Let’s call this what it is: a violent attempted coup by white supremacists hell-bent on suppressing the majority of people in America demanding progress and justice. Meanwhile, Donald Trump continues to spout lies about the election outcome and praise his supporters for storming the Capitol, affirming he has no care for anything besides his own destructive and self-serving agenda.

“While militarized police attacked Indigenous water protectors at Standing Rock in 2016, and Black and brown protesters during racial justice uprisings of 2020, this is a racist and despicable contrast as right-wing insurrectionists attempt to revive the Civil War during a global pandemic, the day after the officer who shot Jacob Blake walked free

“We demand immediate enactment of the 25th amendment by Vice President Pence, as Trump is clearly unable to do his job, for Congress to impeach Donald Trump; the immediate resignation of his cronies in Congress; and accountability of the white supremacists attacking the Capitol. We urge folks to stay safe and continue to work towards a just nation with dignity for all.”


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