November 2, 2021

We Expect Better: We Deserve More

Global– As the World Leaders Summit closes at the UN climate talks,  spokespeople for grassroots climate campaigning organisation, said:

Namrata Chowdhary: Chief of Public Engagement at

“We expect better, we deserve more, and we need it well sooner than these pronouncements that have been offered. Delay is the new denial: if we look past the hyperbole and big words, the numbers talk for themselves. Trillions of dollars continue to flow into the fossil fuel industry, and there’ve been no commitments to turn off that tap. While everyone agrees this is the decisive decade to take action towards reducing carbon emissions, we have heard leaders set themselves targets like 2050 and 2070. It is crucial that governments across the world, especially those in the Global North, responsible for unequal shares of historic and current emissions, commit themselves to implementing plans that will drastically lower greenhouse gas emissions, to slow the rate of global heating, starting now.”

Cansin Leylem: Global Spokesperson for

Until developed countries put their money where their mouth is and provide climate finance for developing countries so they can leapfrog the development of renewables the UN climate talks are at risk of failure.  We know the funds are available, during the pandemic the fossil fuel companies received trillions of dollars from governments in different forms. Treat the climate crisis like the crisis it is.

Peri Dias, Latin American Spokesperson for

As we saw with countries like Brazil whose pledges amount to nothing, there is a dangerous gap between promises and actions. We need to hold governments accountable. There is no time for climate inaction and greenwash.
Delay has become the new denial, as we see the current excuse being to do almost nothing until 2050, or in some cases, 2070. It used to be that fossil fuel companies funded fake scientific research, and promoted climate denial so they could maximise profits at the expense of the climate. The new tactic is to do nothing, allowing CO2 emissions to continue to rise in coming decades, only to fantasize that hopefully decades in the future another generation will fix the massive failures that current generations have dumped upon them.”