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The Kanaka ‘Ōiwi, Indigenous people/nation of Hawai‘i , are currently fighting to protect Mauna Kea, a deeply sacred site and the tallest mountain in the world from the construction of the destructive, billion-dollar, Thirty Meter Telescope Project (TMT).

In response, thousands of Kanaka ‘Ōiwi and supporters have mobilized to protect the mountain. Hawai‘i ‘s Governor, David Ige, has responded with overwhelming force, including a proclamation of a state of emergency. This is an incredibley heavy-handed policy which will allow the state to circumvent conservation laws. This project would harm lands sacred to the Kanaka ‘Ōiwi people, and threaten the main freshwater aquifer on Hawai‘i. It is a violation of Indigenous human rights and a threat to natural landscapes in the area. We are now asking that people call upon David Ige to rescind the proclamation and restore peace with the Kanaka ‘Ōiwi people. 

Here are some key ways you can take action to support Mauna Kea: 

  1. Tell partners to pull out of Mauna Kea project 
    1. Email TMT partners/ tag on social media/ call TMT partners to tell them you oppose TMT & want them to pull out of the project; typed tweet thread to copy/paste can be found here or in a google doc here
  2. Donate to organizations/ land protectors on the ground fighting for Mauna Kea: 
    1. Mauna Medic Healers Hui
    2. KAHEA – The Aloha ‘Āina Support Fund
    3. Hawai’i Community Bail Fund
  3. Attend solidarity events to take action alongside organizers: 

Here’s  an ACTIVE list of Mauna Kea protection support events both locally and abroad by ʻōiwi tv here. 

From Standing Rock to Mauna Kea, Indigenous peoples/nations refuse to have our lands be unlawfully taken and destroyed. The world is watching – we urgently ask that supporters, even if you don’t live in Hawai‘i , show up for those of us fighting and being arrested on the frontlines.

VISIT for more information.

If you’re looking for EVEN MORE ways to support the kia’i at Mauna Kea, click here.

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