Please Read Our Survey Report



The contents of this report is based on data received from the Pacific Votes Count survey that was entirely designed and developed by Pacific young people who are passionate about advocating for their communities to realise the influence and value of their votes in elections.

At a time when communities across the world are facing many complex and interwoven challenges—poverty, inequality, climate change, discrimination, and violence, as well as a global pandemic—it is the voices of young people who continue to offer us hope through their tenacity, innovation, and passion to create a prosperous future that they may never experience themselves.

We hope that this report serves as a strong reminder to anyone that doubts whether Pacific young people and our communities are politically engaged. Our young people have proven time and time again just how incredibly influential, intelligent, conscious, and aware they are of the needs of their communities. It is time politicians engaged with young people in decision-making beyond the photo-ops and asking them to wave signs on the side of the road during election campaigns.

It is time for Pacific young people to be seen and heard, otherwise, the transformational change we are all so desperately awaiting will never occur.


Please Read Our Survey Report

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