Last night thousands of people took to the streets in all 50 US states (plus Washington DC!) to tell President Obama to reject Keystone XL now!

Over 150 events were organized in about 72 hours, and most of them took place in the freezing cold — some in the single digits. In Native American communities across the US, #OcetiRising vigils lit fires in solidarity with Oceti Sakowin pipeline fighters in the Keystone XL route. We also delivered over 500,000 petition signatures calling on the President to act now to stop the pipeline to the White House.

The cold last night wouldn’t stop us: we know that if Keystone XL is approved, it would carry 830,000 barrels per day of tar sands, the world’s dirtiest oil, with the equivalent carbon footprint of 50 new coal plants — and that’s just a little too much heat.

For years, the climate movement has organized in historic numbers to tell President Obama to reject Keystone XL. Now he could be on the brink of making a decision, after the Nebraska Supreme Court validated the pipeline’s risky route through the state. Where they failed, he can stand up strong by rejecting the pipeline and defending our land, water and climate.

Thank you to everyone who organized, marched and made some noise to stop Keystone XL yesterday!

See the story of the whole day of action here:

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