Pop quiz: What do Fox News, the MetLife Pro-Am Cycling Team, and 350.org have in common?

This news article: MetLife Returns For A Second Year As Professional Cycling Teams Title Sponsor

The team is part of a growing group of professional athletes who are making headlines with their commitment to spreading the 350 message.  Pro athletes from nordic skiers in Norway to American football players in the US are using their notoriety to tell people to get involved.  These are people who are used to working hard, and now they’re working hard to steer us back towards 350ppm CO2.  Check out all the athletes pushing 350 here.

As for the MetLife team, what could be better for fighting climate change than riding bikes all the time?  The cycling team uses their work to talk about how good bicycling is for fighting climate change.  Under the organization Project Cycling, out of Boston, USA, they will be spreading the good word on their chosen mode of transportation, and how to turn the corner to get us back towards 350. So, get out on your bicycle, or better yet, start training for that 350km ride you’re going to organize for October 24! 

Happy cycling.

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