By GPS Argentina team.

This morning the first action of our GPS phase 2 plans will be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina. We call it “Aclimatando” or in English “Acclimatizing”.  It is an effort to acclimate people to confronting the reality of climate change.  The goal of the meeting this morning is to thrust forward the issue of climate change further into the public agenda, and create a collaborative strategy for intervention and advocacy.  This public forum to kickstart the initiative is aimed at opinion leaders, media, political and public interest groups.


We have divided the effort  into two stages.  Our first step begins this morning in the city of Buenos Aires. During this event, participants will engage in different presentations about climate change, learn more about different political positions on the issue, and hear about ongoing actions in the current Argentine context. Two panel discussions will also be held focusing on the role of government and media in shaping public opinion on climate.

During the second stage, we will meet in Baradero (a small town in the province of Buenos Aires), where 35 youth activist selected from different provinces of the country will work to create an “Argentine Youth Movement Against Climate Change.”

The first meeting will be this morning, May 30th , in the Auditorium of the University of Palermo in Buenos Aires. In the afternoon, we will head to Baradero with a group of selected participants where we will spend the whole weekend together.

Our aim is to position climate change at the forefront of the public, political, and private agenda in order to have an impact on national adaptation and mitigation policies.  We plan to build a movement, launch large-scale climate campaigns, and empower people to lead local actions that can contribute to scaling up the momentum built by our actions today.

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