Donald Trump is preparing to pull the United States out of the Paris Climate Agreement, according to multiple news reports. His goal, and the goal of the fossil fuel companies he loves, is to make as much money as possible, regardless of the consequences.

Trump’s decision is shortsighted and immoral. But it’s not the end for climate action. People everywhere are still fighting, and we need to show the media, CEOs and other heads of state that we won’t stop now.

Tomorrow we’re going to the White House to deliver the messages of thousands on thousands of people across the globe who still stand for climate action. I want to send a signal to the world. Can you show your support for Paris and climate action by adding your name now?

Trump’s decision means that the United States has lost its place as a global leader — and not just on climate. Every other large country on earth is keeping their Paris promise, or doubling-down.

Clean energy works. Renewables employ more people in this country than coal and oil combined, and 10 million people globally. And after the hottest year on record, when thousands of Americans lost their homes to flooding, we should only be going forward on climate action, not backwards.

This is only the end if we let our disgust and disappointment keep us at home, alone, and in fear. If we use this moment to organize together, his declaration today will ring as hollow and false as every other one of his statements.

Even after all of Trump’s crimes against decency and common sense, putting billions of lives at risk for the sake of Big Oil profits is shocking. I know you’re as disgusted as I am. Add your name here, and we’ll get the message to the White House and press tomorrow.

Forward, not backward,

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