On March 5th 2018, a team of Ottawa residents searched the Prime Minister’s Office for evidence proving that Kinder Morgan is spill proof, climate safe, and compatible with Indigenous rights. Here’s what they found:


Everyone who has ever taken a math class knows one thing: the answer isn’t enough. To pass the test, you have to show you’ve done your work.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau claims the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline is safe for BC’s coastline, compatible with Canada’s commitments to limit global warming to 2°C, and in line with his government’s commitment to implement the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous peoples. But he’s never shown us evidence to back these claims.

Now, Trudeau has run out time to show us the science. And it’s time for people to take action. 


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Here’s what we do know.

1. Kinder Morgan and associated tanker traffic pose a huge risk to BC’s coast.
  • There is an 87% chance of an oil spill in the Pacific Ocean if the Kinder Morgan pipeline and its tanker terminal are built.
2. Kinder Morgan does not fits within Canada’s commitments under the Paris Climate Agreement.
  • Under the Paris Climate Agreement Canada has committed to limiting global warming to 2°C —  with simple math, it’s easy to see that building Kinder Morgan would take us well past this limit.
  • Kinder Morgan drastically takes Canada beyond its share of the global “carbon budget” that we need to adhere to in order to stay within the 2°C threshold.
3. The approval of Kinder Morgan does not square with Canada’s commitment to the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous peoples.
  • A central aspect of UNDRIP is the measure of Free Prior and Informed Consent for projects like Kinder Morgan, recent reports that Justin Trudeau made his decision on Kinder Morgan in 2015, before completing his government’s additional consultation measures, would suggest that his government outright failed to meet this measure.
  • By the logic of UNDRIP, if even one Indigenous nation is opposed to a project, it does not have consent.
  • In Kinder Morgan’s case, multiple Indigenous communities oppose the Trudeau government’s approval of Kinder Morgan — and many are fighting the decision in courts.

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4. The government’s hasn’t given us any evidence effectively refuting the points above.

The publicly-available documents on Kinder Morgan cited by the federal government as the sources weighing in the final decision to approve the pipeline don’t provide the evidence we need to confirm that Kinder Morgan is a spill-proof, climate safe and Indigenous rights-compatible pipeline.