September 8, 2021 Canada Is (Still) On Fire Day of Action

On Sept 8th, in the middle of a snap federal election and right before the federal leaders’ debates, over 60 communities across Canada marched and rallied for climate action. Together, we made sure that the climate emergency was a top election issue and pushed all candidates and parties to ramp up their climate ambition.

Photo Credit: Nhattan Nguyen

The Story

From Halifax to Vancouver, St. John’s to Yellowknife and all points in between, in small towns and big cities, people across the country turned out to make it clear that we understand the stakes of this crisis and we want emergency-level climate action now. That means ending fossil fuel expansion and ensuring a just transition for all.

Together, we made sure that climate was top of mind for politicians and media across the country ahead of the federal leaders’ debates. Now that the election is over we’re building on our momentum and pushing the Trudeau government to make the long-promised Just Transition Act their top priority.

Action map

Over 60 communities across the country took action on September 8. Here’s the full map. We need to keep the pressure up. If you missed the day of action and want to plan something in your community, check out our action planning toolkit.