September 8th, 2021

On Sept 8th
, in the midst of a snap federal election and right before the federal leaders’ debates, people across Canada will march and rally in our communities from coast to coast to coast. Together, we will ensure that the climate emergency is a top election issue and push all candidates and parties to ramp up their climate ambition.


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Photo Credit: Wen Chan

The Plan

Canada’s officially in its 44th election period and election day is coming up fast on September 20th. This will be the first election to take place while catastrophic climate-driven wildfires are blazing across the country as Canada faces one of the worst wildfire seasons on record and as communities recover from unprecedented heat, flooding, and droughts.  On top of that, we just heard from the IPCC that this is a “code red” moment when it comes to tackling the climate emergency.

That’s why we’re taking action on September 8th — the day of the French Federal Leaders’ debate and the day before the English Federal Leaders’ debate. Together, we will mobilize to ensure the climate emergency is a top issue in this election. And we will set the bar for ambitious climate action by demanding that all parties and candidates deliver:

  • A moratorium on fossil fuel expansion, including stopping construction on existing expansion projects
  • An urgent and robust just transition plan that leaves no one behind and moves us past fossil fuels. 


The September 8th Day of Action will be an opportunity to bring together as many groups, organizations, and local organizers as possible to demand real action on the climate emergency. In order to do that during an election, these events will be non-partisan. 

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Watch the Mass Organizing Call

On August 17th, the 350 Canada team held a Mass Organizing Call to share the plan for September 8th and how it fits into our bigger strategy to ensure that this is a game-changing election for the climate. Watch the recording below:

We’re building momentum

Extreme heat early this summer sparked one of the worst wildfire seasons on record. We’ve seen smoke cover cities, flooding, droughts and just heard from the IPCC that this is a “code red” moment when it comes to tackling the climate emergency.  

On July 29th, 2021, with climate catastrophes erupting all around us, hundreds of people from coast to coast visited over 40 MP offices across the country and called on them to take emergency-level action on the climate emergency by stopping fossil fuel expansion and delivering Just Transition legislation. 

Media outlets across the country took notice and over a dozen MPs and candidates for the upcoming election agreed to pledge to do everything in their power to support our demand.

With an election on the horizon, we need to keep up the momentum.