A big shout out to all of the organisers of Power Shift Sweden 2012!  Swedish organisers spent months getting ready to bring 200 young people together to Stockholm in late September to both learn about climate change, energy and the environment and to build together their vision for a sustainable Sweden.  They’ve just released their Power Shift video (below) and given the recent coverage and impacts of Hurricane Sandy from across Cuba, the Dominican Republic and the east coast of the United States, it shows more than ever how important it is that our vibrant movement is coming together to speak out and show that we’re not going to be part of a climate silence.

Building on their previous success in 2011, this group of ambitious and dedicated young climate movers and shakers didn’t hold back in stepping up their game in building a stronger climate movement that is fun and empowering to be part of.

It was a pleasure for 350.org to be involved where we shared the powerful stories of our global movement and some of the examples of the kinds of fights we’re going to have step up towards against the fossil fuel industry (like those against the Keystone XL pipeline) and call for sustainable solutions.

On the second day of Power Shift, everyone worked together (by consensus – that’s no easy feat!) to build a ‘Common Vision’ and a report including ideas and concrete measures on everything from cycling initiatives, public transport,100% renewable energy, to global carbon tax on air travel, measuring social prosperity by more than just GDP and culture change to energy saving.

On the final day, everyone gathered in central Stockholm and shared their vision more creatively with a flashmob.  Some great story-telling through a mixture of dance, acting and music!

All in all, a fabulous weekend and a lot to be proud of.  There are lots of plans for the coming year – let’s watch this space for the Swedish youth climate movement building for a future which is safe for all.  There not the only ones to have been shifting the power and I have a feeling their energy is going to catch fire…

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