I just got an email from our 350 East Africa coordinator, Winnie Asiti, about the preparations for one of the most creative 10/10 work parties I've heard of. In Muthurwa, a rural area near Nairobi, Kenya, hundreds of trees were recently illegally logged, leaving a bare area prone to erosion and causing poisonous fumes and dust in nearby areas.

Baraza la Taifa is a youth organization that is working to prevent more illegal loggin in the area, and on 10/10/10, they're going to host a Boxing Tournament and tree-planting work party to reforest parts of the logged areas. Here's a photo from a pre-10/10 football tournament that took place earlier this week to spread the word — don't forget to check out their action page for more details, and find a 10/10/10 event near you!


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