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Slideshow FAQ

What is it?

The slideshow is a simple presentation that goes through the arguments for why Keystone XL fails the climate test and what we’re going to do about it. It explains the methods of tar sands extraction, facts about the pipeline, where we’re at politically, what we need to do, and our steps moving forward. It’s a tool for you to educate yourself and others about why Keystone XL is horrible for climate and why President Obama should reject it now!

How do I use it?

Over the holidays, we know many of you will be spending time with your friends, families, and people you care about. This is a great time to tell your loved ones why you care about the Keystone XL pipeline and climate, and why you’ve been taking action to stop this dirty project. This presentation gives you a venue to do that, and goes through the argument step by step. By the end of the presentation, your loved ones will understand why you’re fighting this fight, and will want to get involved too. The last few slides give explicit directions on how they can do that.

Can I share it?

Please do! Feel free to present it to a group that you’re a part of, or share it on email and social media. Many of you are part of local 350 groups across the U.S.– use this as an opportunity to get your group on the same page and knowing the facts about why this pipeline is so bad. We want to get this message out as far and wide as possible and need your help to do that. We know that in order to win this fight, we need to keep on recruiting more and more people to this movement and give them the talking points they need to go out and talk to the world!

How can I make this into a conversation starter with my family?

Look through the slideshow yourself and see what parts of it resonate the most with you personally. We all know that it’s easier for our loved ones to connect to the things we care about or feel could affect us personally. Maybe you have a visceral reaction to the transformation that happens to the land in order for tar sands to be extracted. Maybe you are a farmer and relate to the Nebraska fighters who are protecting their families and their land. Maybe you were a victim of Hurricane Sandy or Katrina, and are concerned about the climate change impacts that tar sands would have on climate change and major weather events. Maybe you’re just concerned about huge carbon emissions wreaking havoc on our way of life. Or maybe you’ve been inspired by the boldness and success of people power vs big oil, and you want your loved ones to feel that powerful feeling. Whatever angle it is, dig into that part of the slideshow, and let people know why that piece is important to you.

Sometimes it’s hard to get all the facts straight. Use this is a resource to build the climate argument,  and feel free to share photos and/or success stories of how it helped you recruit new people, build your own awareness, or educate a group you’re part of.  Thanks for your organizing. Now, let’s go educate ourselves and our communities so we can win this thing!