After months of preparation, the Global Divestment Mobilisation launches today.  From 5-13 May, thousands of people worldwide are intensifying their demands for institutions to divest from the companies most responsible for causing climate change.

Regressive politics is on the rise and rumours are circulating again that Trump is about to pull the US out of the historic Paris Agreement. So with the impacts of climate change already devastating the livelihoods of communities around the world, the divestment campaign is expanding into new regions and pushing a broad range of institutions big and small to enact the kind of climate leadership the world urgently needs.

The time for standing on the sidelines is over — that’s why thousands worldwide will take creative, peaceful action to push their cities, politicians, universities, churches, pension funds, museums, banks and other respected institutions to demonstrate climate leadership by breaking their financial ties to fossil fuel companies.

Check out the live coverage website where we’ll be featuring all the divestment action from around the world over the next 10 days and join the conversation on social media using #fossilfree

Between now and 13 May, the Global Divestment Mobilisation won’t divest every single pension fund, city, faith group or university from fossil fuels – but it will be a powerful, rejuvenating reminder of the influence we can have over the fossil fuel industry’s public image, when we work together!

There will be art and theatre to highlight climate impacts. There will be street actions.  There will be conversation. There will be thousands of new people signing divestment petitions.  There will be events on every single continent and 42 countries worldwide, everywhere from China to Somalia!

And yes, there may well be some important wins between now and the 13 May. The more of us get involved, the more impact we’ll have.   If you want to join an event, the place to find one near you is here.

GDM events map screenshot 2 May 2017

Support the Global Divestment Mobilisation

If you can’t make it in person, here’s how to support, no matter where you are:

  1. Share the live coverage. Many actions and events will be live streamed and sharing updates as they happen. Follow along and share breaking news from Global Divestment Mobilisation actions all around the world with your networks to help show how powerful this movement has become.
  2. Join the conversation. Social media posts are already pouring in on the #FossilFree hashtag. You can see the momentum on the website, or follow on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and share your favorites.
  3. Show your support. There are thousands of divestment campaigns around the world that need your support – sign the petition calling on your local institution to go #fossilfree here, and why not change your profile picture on social media to show you’re with them.

After months of planning and preparation, we can’t wait to see what happens over the next few days as the dots on the global actions map turn into real events with thousands of real people standing up to show the kind of climate leadership the world so desperately needs!

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