Stories have the power to build empathy and compel action. So in the face of the climate crisis, climate storytelling is more important than ever. 

But the climate stories we most often see and hear are dominated by a few voices from the U.S. or Europe, failing to consider the very real climate experiences of people and communities around the world. These stories are told in inaccessible languages of science and policy which offer projections and leave people believing that the climate crisis is a distant threat. 

But the impacts of the climate crisis are global, and they are happening now. 

To effectively communicate climate realities and create lasting action, we must tell human-centered climate stories. There is ample research on the power of personal climate stories. Even the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) includes in its core principles to “tell a human story” for effective climate communication and engagement. 


Of course, there is no one single climate story – we need storytellers from everywhere to localize climate issues and talk about what climate change and action means for them and their communities. 

And this is how the Climate Stories Hub came to be. 

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Our newly launched Climate Stories Hub features stories from across the climate movement about the realities of the crisis as well as the world we need to build and how we will get there. 

We truly believe in elevating voices and stories from across the world to showcase the climate realities we all face on the ground. From the impacts of disasters to acts of resistance, we need to shed light on the untold and even neglected stories of frontline communities.  


With the Hub, we also want to support storytellers in amplifying their climate stories to their networks and communities to help spark conversations and grow a stronger, more powerful grassroots climate movement. It’s with this movement that we can build a just, equitable, and prosperous future for all. 

The Climate Stories Hub welcomes content from storytellers of all skill levels, mediums, and languages. To learn more about how to submit to the Hub, check out our submissions guidelines

Visit the Climate Stories Hub




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