You said it loud and clear: no more business-as-usual for the European Central Bank!

A few weeks ago, we sent out a survey to see what the people of Europe thought their central bank should focus its attention on. Tens of thousands of responses came back and the results were crystal clear: 80% of us want health, the climate crisis, and the fight against inequalities to be the top priority for the European Central Bank. 

But sadly, at the moment, that’s far from the case.

Over the past months, the bank’s top decision-makers have shown their willingness to support polluting fossil fuels, giving billions to oil, gas and coal. But, together, we can show them that this is not what the people of Europe want.

Almost 80% of us felt that we were not sufficiently informed of the ECB’s actions. But right now, as the bank is spending billions of euros to try to get the European economy back on its feet, they are making decisions that will shape our future for decades. We can’t afford to let them make these decisions without our input.

Over 70% of us said that the climate crisis and its impacts are our top economic and social concern. But the European Central Bank is continuing to pump billions into companies like Shell and Total [1] – the very companies that are causing the climate crisis.

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