Twitterstorm begins at 11 AM Lima time on Thursday December 11th.

US Sec. State John Kerry arrives in Lima Peru for UN Climate Talks on Thursday December 11th. When he arrives, we want him to see this image everywhere that #COP20 tweets are being projected:

John Kerry Big cop20 nokxl-01

Click here to download the image

Download the image and tweet it out with the #COP20 hashtag this Thursday, and together we’ll make sure that everywhere Sec. Kerry and his staff look, they see the message that approving Keystone XL is a huge step in the wrong direction away from a global climate treaty.

Also, delegates, activists and reporters are closely watching the #cop20 hashtag throughout the talks. Your tweets can help set the tone that approving new fossil fuel projects like Keystone XL is unacceptable.

Here are a few tweets you can use. You’ll need to upload the image each time you tweet. 


<-Keystone XL
Climate treaty->

Stop the pipeline, make history at #COP20.

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Keystone XL fails the #climatetest. Will @JohnKerry fail it too? Say #noKXL! #COP20


Tar sands expansion is incompatible with 2°C goals. @JohnKerry, action at #COP20 means #noKXL


Will @JohnKerry be the #ClimateHero we need at #COP20? First he must commit to #climatetest & #NoKXL at home


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