Power Up: Organiser’s Toolkit

Month of Action

350.org is an international movement working to end the age of fossil fuels and build a world of renewable energy for all. We’re calling on our international network and community to Power Up the global renewable energy revolution by taking action in their local area.


What’s this guide for?

This is a toolkit to support you in taking part in Power Up. In this toolkit you’ll find guidance on what your event could be, what your messaging could look like, how you can get hold of materials and more. If you have any questions at any point email Kennedy, one of our UK organisers on [email protected] .

UK days of action guide: energy for all guarantee introduction

On 3-4 November, as fossil fuel companies publish another round of obscene profits, we’re running Power Up, a global day of action where groups around the world will be taking to the streets to show that a world powered by clean and fair renewable energy is not only possible: it is ours to make.

As part of the wider Green New Deal, we’re focussing on and demanding that the UK Government commits to an energy system that is publicly-owned, powered by renewables, and guarentrees energy for all.

No matter how much money you make or where you are in the UK, we all deserve to live comfortably. We all deserve access to enough heating and electricity to warm or cool our homes. We should all be able to power the appliances we need to live dignified lives, but this Government has sided with energy companies like BP and Shell.

They’ve enabled record levels of profit for these multinational corporations while more of our friends and family lose access to the energy they need through increased bills or being cut off. One household every ten seconds was cut off from the energy they needed in the winter of 2022.

Our energy system is broken and this Government has no plan to fix it, but we do. We’re still relying on expensive, unreliable and harmful oil and gas causing bills to rise. Despite this, this Government continues to prioritise profit over our safety, health, dignity and the planet .

We need a clean, reliable energy system that’s owned by us and run for us, the people. That starts by us coming together and demanding this Government:

  • Wipes household energy debt
  • Bans pre-payment metres
  • Guarantees permanent access to our basic energy needs
  • Ensures big fossil fuel companies like BP and Shell help pay for the implementation of a renewable energy system.

And the rest…

A shift to publicly owned renewable energy and guaranteed energy access is one just one pillar of the things we need to build a more just society. With a Green New Deal we’re also demanding an economy that works for everyone. With millions of new well-paid, secure, unionised jobs across the country, the protection and restoration of vital natural habitats and ecosystems, and pushing for global justice by ensuring the UK does and pays its fair share to tackle climate breakdown.

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What do we mean by energy for all guarantee? 

Energy For All means each household will receive enough free energy to ensure it can cover its basics. This includes for instance adequate heating, lighting, cooking, hot water, refrigeration, charging phone and digital connectivity, and where needed, hearing aids, medical equipment, stairlifts, and wheelchairs.

This free energy and the transition to a renewable energy system will be paid for with the money currently being hoarded by energy companies. By windfall taxes on fossil fuel corporations, and by recouping the millions of pounds currently spent daily on subsidising the fossil fuel industry.

More on the energy for all guarantee 

We can win with people power 

From the fracking ban in the UK, to hundreds of divestment wins, and the halting of Cambo oil field, time and time again we show that ordinary people organising together is the greatest tool we have for change. We’re most effective when we come together in a way that fights for the rights of us all and when facing down another winter of rising bills, fuel poverty and climate impacts – we have everything to fight for and everything to win.

What you can do 

We’re calling on you, our friends and those who have supported our work to organise an event that demands your local MP backs an energy for all guarantee as part of the Green New Deal.

Remember, this is a guide for what you could do in your local area, but it’s just that; a guide. If you come up with something different, do that! To ensure your event is part of the global action we ask that it’s calling for a transition to clean energy and an energy for all guarantee. To see where other actions are happening around the globe and to add your action follow this link. 


The target  Your local MP and their office.
The event Host a demonstration outside of your MPs office demanding they support an energy for all guarantee

Here’s a basic logistical checklist. Please note: it’s unlikely you’ll need to do everything in this checklist. So like the rest of this guide; takes what’s relevant, leave what isn’t.

Get attention
  • Template press release – COMING SOON
Social media:
Event promotion:
Action materials  Follow this link where you’ll find a guide on how to make placards and other engaging props for your action. We are encouraging organisers to make a prop wind turbine and placards.


We have branded materials we want to send you. Please fill in this survey so we know where to send them.

Get clued up  Useful articles and videos:

Register your event or action:

If you haven’t already please register your event to make it show up on the map. Whether your plans are large or small, putting it on the map helps give a sense of what is happening around the country (and the globe!) and enables other people in your area to sign up to join you.

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Want to see all events being planned for Power Up? Check out the global map here!

Need support?

For any questions about your action please email Kennedy on [email protected]