Our energy system is broken. While fossil fuel companies continue to rake in record profits, British households are facing another winter of unaffordable energy bills. We need the Chancellor to introduce emergency energy support.

Next week, Chancellor Jeremy Hunt will deliver the Autumn Statement, setting out the Government’s spending plans. The next day, Ofgem is expected to announce an increase in the energy price cap – meaning our bills will get even higher in January.

Right now, our leaders are ignoring one of the biggest crises facing the country, while continuing to give tax breaks to fossil fuel companies and approving oil and gas projects that will wreck our planet.

The upcoming Autumn Statement is the government’s last chance to provide emergency energy support with people’s bills before winter really kicks in. Will you sign the petition to tell the Treasury to introduce an Emergency Energy Tariff to keep people warm this winter?

Together with partners across the UK, we are working for a future where clean, renewable energy is accessible to and affordable for all – and where polluting fossil fuel companies profiting from the climate crisis are a thing of the past. Our continued calls for a ‘Green New Deal’ is about doing just this: creating a future that works for people and the planet.

But we can’t have climate justice without energy justice. That’s why we – as part of the Warm This Winter coalition of over 40 UK organisations and charities – are calling for an Emergency Energy Tariff. The tariff would lower the cost of energy bills for people who are more vulnerable to the cold – particularly elderly and disabled people and families with young children – to help get them through this winter.

Sign the petition now to call on the Treasury to introduce an Emergency Energy Tariff to help people stay warm and safe this winter.