No matter where you are in the UK or how much money you make, everyone deserves to have access to the energy and electricity they need to live dignified lives in safe homes. But right now, in the UK, millions of people are facing fuel poverty. While energy and fossil fuel companies are making billions.

Our partners at Fuel Poverty Action have come up with a solution: The Energy For All guarantee. With it, households in the UK would be provided with enough energy to ensure they can cover their basic needs.1

But we can only achieve it by adding pressure on our leaders and by showing that communities across the UK are rising up against fuel poverty and for clean energy for all.

Will you take the lead in your community, and set up a local petition calling on your MP to back the Energy For All guarantee?

It couldn’t be easier. We’ve pre-drafted a petition text for you, and it will only take a few minutes before you’re able to start gathering signatures in your community.

There is money to make this happen. The Government should be recouping the enormous excess profits that oil and gas companies have been making off the energy crisis, and immediately removing fossil fuel subsidies.

The UK is still overly reliant on expensive, unreliable and harmful oil and gas, and huge amounts of our housing are highly energy inefficient and badly insulated. The Energy For All guarantee isn’t going to fix all of this. What we need, long-term, is a Green New Deal2 – an economy that works for people and the planet, not oil and gas giants and corrupt politicians. But with the Energy For All guarantee we can at least ensure people have urgent support to avoid life-threatening fuel poverty.

This is a first step towards a better, greener, more just world.

I’ve just set up a petition targeting my local MP, will you do the same?


PS: This campaign ties in with our upcoming global Power Up mobilisation – where people across the globe will be taking action to make polluters pay for our transition to clean energy. We’re inviting supporters to organise Energy For All events targeting their MPs in the UK. If you’d like to find out more, you can attend one of our two intro webinars next week!

1: Energy For All Manifesto – FPA
2: Green New Deal –