This week we showed up on Rishi Sunak’s doorstep, at 10 Downing Street, to show him that the country demands urgent action to tackle the energy crisis.

Energy bills in the UK have been skyrocketing for the past couple of years, and are set to rise again in January1. Millions across the UK are struggling to cope, and are being forced to choose between heating and eating.

That’s why – together with Warm This Winter – we handed in a petition signed signed by over 40,000 people, calling for emergency energy support this winter straight to Downing Street this week. 38 Degrees, Fuel Poverty Action and Debt Justice also joined in with their own petitions calling for energy support and an end to energy debt. Together, the petitions totalled over 800,000 signatures from across the UK!

Woman handing in petition to 10 Downing Street

PRESS PHOTOS © Jess Hurd 12/12/2023 London.

Police looking at large energy bill prop held by activists

PRESS PHOTOS © Jess Hurd 12/12/2023 London.

The weather was terrible for the hand-in, with torrential rain soaking through our raincoats and our petition boxes and signs. But the weather is likely to be terrible throughout this winter, further emphasising the need for urgent action from the Government to ensure people have warm, safe homes.

I recorded a short video afterwards (when it had luckily stopped raining!) – you can check it out below:



1: The Guardian: ‘Energy bills in Great Britain to rise by 5% from January as cap hits £1,928’