We’re all scanning the news every day, anxiously waiting for signs that things are getting better. While many of us are still in the midst of the crisis, we’re also seeing some much-needed glimmers of hope. Across the world, people are standing in solidarity with one another, finding strength in their communities. In some countries, authorities are beginning to ease lockdowns and starting the slow return to normal.

But we must remember this: “normal” was already a crisis. [1] “Normal” was inequity, oppression, and climate breakdown. “Normal” was fossil fuel companies digging, drilling and polluting, and getting rich in the process, while workers, public services, and our democracies suffered.

Instead of returning to normal, we need to build back better.

Fossil fuel executives are already lobbying governments and demanding breaks and bailouts – they will do whatever they can to hold on to power. The current crisis isn’t over, but all around the world we’re already raising our voices to refuse a return to the status quo and call for fundamental change: a Just Recovery.

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Starting now, together, we’re building the foundations of a global movement calling for a new, better, normal. Because the choices we make in dealing with the fallout of the coronavirus crisis will shape our society, economy, health, and climate for decades to come. So we’re not waiting for governments to listen to polluters and billionaires: we have our own plan.

Thousands of people and hundreds of groups and organisations are already supporting the 5 principles for a #JustRecovery:

  1. Put people’s health first, no exceptions.
  2. Provide economic relief directly to the people.
  3. Help our workers and communities, not corporate executives.
  4. Create resilience for future crises.
  5. Build solidarity and community across borders – do not empower authoritarians.

There’s so much grief and sadness for all of us at the moment, but there is also solidarity, hope, and urgency to come together across our different struggles, across borders, across divisions, and decide what kind of future we want. We’re only getting started.


PS: If you support the five COVID-19 #JustRecovery principles, add your name to this open letter which is signed by thousands of individuals from all over the world and over 450 different organisations.

[1] Naomi Klein

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