Right now, fossil Fuel Giant Shell is trying to push through a new gas field in the North Sea: Jackdaw.

The application for Jackdaw was rejected in 2021 because it was too polluting. Despite making no changes to the application, Shell is now trying to force it through again.

We know that new oil and gas projects are not the answer to reliable energy in the UK or to lowering our energy bills. Together, this movement has managed to delay the Cambo oil field, and we know that if enough of us come together now, we can stop this polluting project too.

Companies like Shell have created the energy crisis and are now using it to justify new fossil fuel projects and make more money. All the while knowing Jackdaw would do nothing to provide dependable energy or lower bills in the short term.Last year Shell made a record 14.2 billion pounds of profit. At the same time 2.5 million more families in the UK have been pushed towards fuel poverty because of the cost of energy.

Instead of supporting new oil and gas projects, we need the government to provide immediate relief to those pushed into poverty by the rising cost of energy and a long term strategy of insulating and renovating homes and investing in reliable, renewable energy sources.

The countdown for the end of the fossil fuel industry is on and companies like Shell are making a dash to squeeze as much profit out of oil and gas as they can. The government must shut down this reckless race for profit and also invest in retraining workers from fossil fuel projects so they can move away from these dying industries into reliable, clean jobs.

Together we can stop Jackdaw – Add your name to the petition now!




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