With song and stories, people around the world are taking to the radio airwaves, sharing the realities of the climate crisis and calling on people to grow the climate movement in the lead up to the 2011 UN Climate negotiations in Durban, South Africa.

From today through 2nd December, we’re running an exciting new project called Radio Wave, where we’re encouraging folks around the world to arrange radio interviews with their favourite DJ or radio host, to play a new climate song, and to tell their own stories of how climate is affecting their communities and what they are doing about it.

Since it was launched a few days ago, 350 organisers have already signed up to get the song on radio where they live in 39 countries and counting. From New Zealand to Niger, Tonga to Tunisia, Colombia to Cote D’Ivoire — the wave is spreading already!

The song created by wonderful musicians from Africa, EU and USA is titled “People Power” and is available for free download, distribution, or embedding on other sites.  This inspiring song both tells the truth about how hard climate change is affecting Africa and our world, and it also inspires people to join together to create a brighter future for us all.

“People Power” (radio version) by 350RadioWaves. Uploaded with Gobbler
So, if you haven’t joined in yet already, sign up to take our movement to the ‘airwaves’ where you live by clicking here, and then share the song and the resources to your friends all over your country and around the world to have them join in as well.


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