The results of the recent EU elections brought both hope and alarm. For the first time in the EU’s history, climate urgency was a decisive issue for many voters, and boosted progressive and green parties. But the power of nationalists and fearmongers rose too.

Youth school strikers in Berlin, Germany carrying placards with climate slogans

School strike in Berlin. Photo by: Kate Cahoon

Thanks to an impressive turnout, led by first-time young voters, candidates with clear commitments to tackle the climate crisis gained a record number of seats. But the elections also showed another disturbing pattern: far-right parties are growing in power. By pushing the politics of denial, division and discrimination, they provide false solutions and threaten efforts to protect people and planet.

While the urgency of climate action is breaking through into the mainstream, we know there is no climate justice without migrant, racial, social and economic justice. Here’s our chance, and our great responsibility: to confront the climate crisis, and the politics of hate and oppression, we have to join the dots across our multiple fights, build people power – and challenge the system.

‘This is about crossing lines – it’s about rebelling wherever one can rebel. It’s not about saying “Yeah, what the kids do is great, if I was young I would have totally joined in.” It doesn’t help, but everyone can and must help’. – The school strikers in their call for global action.

Over the summer, we’re going to be raising our game, building up towards a major climate mobilisation in September. School strikers have called on everyone – from students to parents to all people concerned about our future – to join massive climate strikes and a week of actions starting on September 20, and demand emergency action to avoid climate breakdown.

Pledge to join us in the global climate strike and week of action. Last week, from Vienna to Venezuela to Vanuatu, young people once again demonstrated what real leadership looks like. The climate movement we’re all building is set to seize a historic opportunity for action.

Together, we can do it. Don’t miss it.


Pledge to join the global climate strike


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