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April 29, 2016’s Bill McKibben Responds to Right Wing Group’s Plans to Target Climate Activists with Trackers and Video Cameras

New York, NY — Today, anti-environmentalist front group America Rising Squared announced plans to target climate activists with trackers and video cameras. In response, co-founder Bill McKibben issued the following statement:

“I’m of course flattered that our work has exposed the fossil fuel industry enough that they feel the need for this kind of personal attack — but as usual, the real news is the lengths they will go to avoid talking about the greatest issue of our time, their ongoing wreckage of the planet’s climate, and in the process so many of its people.”

According to The Hill, America Rising is pouring an “unprecedented” amount of resources into a campaign usually reserved for only the most high-profile Democratic targets. America Rising and associated groups are using their immense research and tracking infrastructure intended to take down Hillary Clinton to now target Bill McKibben, Tom Steyer, and others in the climate movement.

This is not the first time right-wing operatives allied with the fossil fuel industry have directly targeted McKibben,, and other climate justice activists. Just ahead of Global Divestment Day in 2015, an anti-environmentalist front group backed by Richard Berman 1 released an animated video romanticizing the relationship between humans and fossil fuels, featuring McKibben as the apparent villain.

“It’s no coincidence that this attack is coming less than one week ahead of the kick-off of the global mobilization to Break Free from fossil fuels,” said May Boeve, Executive Director. “With major protests targeting fossil fuel projects across six continents, six actions taking place here in the US, and one action in our nation’s capital, the fossil fuel industry and their allies are continuing to pour resources into sowing doubt and targeting those fighting for climate justice.”




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