December 6, 2023 launches parody of Alberta Premier’s “Tell the Feds” campaign to spread the truth about renewable energy

EDMONTON, AB – As Alberta Premier Danielle Smith attends the 2023 UN Climate Change Conference (COP28) to make the case that her government is a good faith partner in the fight to slash greenhouse gas emissions, is launching to counter Smith’s multimillion dollar “Tell the Feds” campaign against renewable energy.

“Danielle Smith’s attempts at COP28 to rebrand herself as a climate leader are almost beyond parody,” said Amara Possian,’s Canada Team Lead. “In reality, Premier Smith is doing everything in her power to delay real climate action and withhold cheap, clean electricity from Canadians. We launched to counter the fear and misinformation she is spreading about climate action and affordability, and to invite people across the country to push back.” closely mirrors the visual elements of the Alberta Government’s website, but with content that directly confronts the misinformation on the original site. While Alberta’s uses fear-based tactics to promote misinformation about renewable energy, lays out a hopeful vision backed with facts for how cheap, clean energy can unlock a better future for everyone.

“I lived in Edmonton for the better part of a decade and I know that the Tell the Feds campaign does not speak for Albertans, many of whom are embracing the energy transition,” said Chris Gusen,’s Canada Senior Digital and Communications Specialist. “It’s shameful that Danielle Smith is wasting millions of public dollars on a misinformation campaign that only serves the rich fossil fuel corporations driving the climate crisis. Our Show the Feds campaign lays out the better future that’s within our reach if federal leaders ignore calls for climate delay.” comes at a moment when the fossil fuel industry and its political allies are trying to exploit Canadians’ real affordability concerns to delay climate action. plans to spread the truth about how renewable energy makes everyday life better and more affordable and is inviting website visitors to “show the feds what’s possible” by sending them a list of common sense policies that tackle the climate emergency and the affordability crisis at the same time.

The campaign launches on the same day that Climate Action Network International is dubbing Alberta “Fossil of the Day” at COP28, a satirical award traditionally given to countries judged to have done their “best” to block progress in the climate negotiations. This is one of the first times the “award” has gone to a subnational government.

“We cannot let conservative politicians get away with their cynical attempt to pit climate action against affordability. Cheap, clean renewable energy is the key to a better, more affordable future,” said Possian. “I encourage anyone who’s been frustrated by Danielle Smith’s fear mongering to help us push back by getting involved in our Show the Feds campaign. The good news is, we have the truth on our side.”


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