Stand with Climate Defenders

Climate activists, Indigenous communities and environmental defenders are facing threats, intimidation and increased repression as they protect Mother Earth from destruction.

The fossil fuel industry and its allies – corrupt politicians, governments and organised crime – are responsible for some of the most severe and disturbing violations of human rights, from murders to blocking the freedom of association and expression. While Climate Defenders face these threats, they continue to stand up and fight for justice, with amazing resillience, strength and impact.

These violations are committed by some of the wealthiest companies in the world – like Chevron-Texaco, Shell, Exxon and Total – and many local companies. It’s time to shut down the industry that is destroying the climate and threatening the survival of people all over the world.

It’s time for the global climate movement to stand with Climate Defenders – who risk everything to protect the Earth and climate for us all.

In many places they are already winning, but we need many more climate defenders rising for climate justice all over the world!


Findings of the report on Human Rights abuses by Fossil Fuel companies:

As fossil fuel companies keep driving the climate crisis, the scale of human rights violations is increasing.

The global climate crisis, mainly generated by the biggest fossil fuel corporations in the world, is seriously aggravating the already extensive and heavy set of human rights violations caused by this same industry, warns our new report.

Oil, gas and coal companies are directly or indirectly responsible for some of the worst human rights abuses committed by corporations around the world in the last three decades, as shown by the 10 cases mentioned in the publication.

Considering just a few major cases of violations, the fossil fuel industry was directly responsible for more than 45,000 deaths caused by health issues, the displacement of 60,000 people and the dump of more than 18 billion gallons of toxic wastewater into rivers.

With the aggravation of the climate crisis, the negative environmental and social impacts of the actions of fossil fuel companies in several of these cases – and similar ones – are getting worse.

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Climate Defenders

Climate defenders risk their lives everyday to protect our ecosystems. We must hear their stories and stand with them.

We must demand our governments stand up to corporate interests and prevent future abuses by protecting climate defenders, while addressing past abuses with financial reparations. 

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