After an incredible day of global action, photos and videos are still coming in from around the world — submit yours here. Below is the emails we just sent out to our global email list. If you're not getting our emails, you can sign up here.


Dear friends,

I’ve just come from the Moving Planet celebration here in San Francisco, California — it was great fun watching people converge on skateboard and bike and kayak from around this beautiful city. It’s even more fun back here at the crowded, noisy 350 office, hunched over my laptop and watching pictures stream in from absolutely everywhere.

The crowds around the world are enormous, and the energy is infectious. To give you a sense of what's been happening around the world, here are a few images that have already arrived:

Images from around the world. More at
 See more at
You can see lots more images on the Moving Planet website — the slideshow on the front page is not to be missed. People got moving for bold climate action in every corner of the earth today: from the massive crowds at major cities throughout the USA to the human flood in Cairo, Egypt to bike parades and rallies and protests and teach-ins all over the world.
If you have photos from the big day, please send them as attachments to [email protected] (only one per email, see additional instructions here), and if you have video you can upload it here. Our team is pulling together a global mosaic of images and videos to deliver to world leaders and share with our network, and we want to make sure everyone can see what you’ve been up.
I’m tired, but I’m not sure I’ll sleep tonight — thanks to many of you, there are just too many pictures to look at, too many great stories to read. This growing movement put the planet in motion today. It will take a lot of work in the future to keep it moving, but for now just relax, and savor the wonder and joy of this incredible day.
With gratitude,
Bill McKibben for the Team
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