Just Recovery from COVID-19

We’re in the midst of an unprecedented crisis. We’re experiencing a pandemic and economic recession in the middle of a climate emergency.

How we respond to, recover from, and rebuild after this crisis will define the next chapter of human history. That’s why we are demanding a Just Recovery to Build Back Better.


Art by Corrina Keeling

What’s a Just Recovery?

These are the 6 principles that are essential to a Just Recovery:

  1. Put people’s health and wellbeing first, no exceptions.
  2. Strengthen the social safety net and provide relief directly to people.
  3. Prioritize the needs of workers and communities.
  4. Build resilience to prevent future crises.
  5. Build solidarity and equity across communities, generations, and borders.
  6. Uphold Indigenous rights and work in partnership with Indigenous peoples.

Learn more about the principles for a Just Recovery. 

These principles should guide policy decisions as we recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. They will also lay the foundation to win a Green New Deal.

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Our Campaigns for a Just Recovery

Just Recovery Teach-Ins

Over 40+ communities across Canada held digital teach-ins to learn how we can win a Just Recovery from May and throughout the summer.

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Vision for a Just Recovery

Over 500 organizations, grassroots groups, and unions have endorsed the 6 Principles for a Just Recovery. This is a bold and unprecedented vision.

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Flooding the government consultation

We mobilized hundreds of people to participate in a government consultation on post-COVID recovery. So many people participated that we temporarily crashed the government’s portal.

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Global Movement

This is a time to be decisive in saving lives, and bold in charting a path to a genuinely healthier and more equitable future through a Just Recovery. We are part of a global movement to win a Just Recovery to Build Back Better after the pandemic.

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