Keep it in the ground.

The science is clear. Burning fossil fuels is cooking our planet. Oil, gas, and coal companies have gotten rich dumping carbon into our atmosphere.

Canada is home to one of the world’s largest and dirtiest oil reserves – the Alberta tar sands. That’s why we’re building a people-powered movement to push political decision-makers to stop tar sands expansion.

Photo: Robert van Waarden

Join the movement to stop tar sands expansion

If extracted and burned, the tar sands would push the planet past the most dangerous climate thresholds. Beyond that, tar sands expansion also disproportionately impacts Indigenous peoples and often violates the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous peoples.

Real climate action in Canada means freezing the expansion of the tar sands. We can do this by stopping massive export pipelines, like Trans Mountain Expansion (TMX), and by stopping tar sands at the source by ensuring new tar sands expansion projects are rejected.

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Keep it in the ground Campaigns

Stopped the Teck Frontier Mine

In March 2020, historic resistance shelved the largest tar sands mine ever-proposed. This would not have been possible without a cross-country, Indigenous-led, people powered movement.

Here’s more on 350 Canada’s campaigns to stop the Teck Frontier Mine:


Pushed Kinder Morgan to Abandon TransMountain

Thanks to people-powered, Indigenous-led resistance, Texas Oil Giant Kinder Morgan. abandoned its plans for the TransMountain pipeline. Shortly afterwards, Canada’s highest courts quashed the Trudeau government’s initial approval of the project. Unfortunately, this project persists now that the government has purchased the project and moved forward with a second approval.

People Power vs. Tar Sands

We mobilized tens of thousands of people across the country to stand up against the expansion of the tar sands and demand real solutions. to the crises we face. Over the years, we’ve worker in partnership with Indigenous leaders, local groups, and organizations across the country to fill the streets, flood public consultations, and participate in non-violent direct actions.

Stopped the Energy East Pipeline

In October 2017, The movement for climate justice and Indigenous rights in Canada stopped the largest tar sands pipeline ever. Here’s how.

Energy East: A Timeline of How We Won

Here’s more on 350 Canada’s campaigns to stop Energy East