Defund Fossil Fuels

a European Webinar


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Defund Fossil Fuels - European Webinar

Thursday 26th July 2018
7.30pm (Central European Time)

Find out about the banks funding the new generation of fossil fuel infrastructure in Europe – and how we can stop them.

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Defund Fossil Fuels – a Webinar

Across Europe, people-powered movements are organising to prevent the roll out of new fossil fuel projects. In this webinar, we’ll unpack key frontline infrastructure battles, explore why current fossil fuel sector and political contexts are ripe for finance campaigns, and discuss an upcoming mobilisation on 15th September 2018.

In addition to the mobilisations, protests, camps and actions taking place this summer, 350 is developing defund strategies to remove the financing that makes new coal and gas projects possible – and to continue the de-legitimisation of fossil fuel interests.

We’ll explore and understand how to build a winning strategy for finance campaigners, within the Fossil Free decentralized model. With the scaling up of the Fossil Free campaign, and the ramping up of several iconic infrastructure campaigns around the globe, cutting off the finance to these projects provides an additional strategy for climate justice organisers.

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Webinar Outline – Thursday 26th July 2018

  1. Defunding Fossil Fuels in Europe – presentation of a new report on the financial flows to gas and coal projects in Europe including the TAP pipeline in Italy and the Groningen gasfields in the Netherlands.  Which banks have provided the money to Europe’s top fossil fuel companies? What is the strategy behind Defund campaigns?  When is a good time to intervene?
    With Robbie Gillett, 350 Europe Finance Campaigner
  2. Lessons from past campaigns against the banks: Defund #DAPL.
    How did people across the world target the banks in support of Standing Rock and to oppose the Dakota Access Pipeline? How did people take action in the Netherlands, Sweden, France, UK, Germany and Spain in support of this frontline struggle?
    With Chihiro Geuzebroek from the campaign against ING and ABN in Amsterdam
  3. Taking a deeper look at the finance industry
    What’s been happening recently over the last 2 – 3 years in the battles against fossil fuel financing? What victories have been achieved, how is the industry responding and what opportunities lie ahead for climate activism in the financial sector?
    With Claire Hamlett, Banktrack
  4. 15th September 2018, Ten Years On – Not With Our Money
    Let’s go big and everywhere. Saturday 15th September 2018 is a global day of finance campaign action to mark the ten year anniversary of the Lehman Brothers collapse.  Fossil fuel finance is on the table. We will hear how you can plug-into the day of action wherever you live.
    With Clémence Dubois, France Head Campaigner
  5. Questions and answers discussion