Because stopping Tar Sands Mining is everyone’s job

Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada June 27-29


For 4 years people have journeyed to Alberta to join a sacred First Nations ceremony to heal the environment and support communities suffering devastating impacts of tar sands mining.

This year local 350 groups will send small groups as emissaries to participate in this sacred event and bring their stories back to bolster local efforts to end disastrous expansion of tar sand mining, and dangerous transport of tar sands across North America.

The Healing Walk is not a protest or a demonstration, but a chance to join with people of many different spiritual practices to offer healing to the land and bear witness to the suffering of communities living in the shadow of disastrous tar sands mining.

Consider this website an organizing portal to connect you with groups heading to the walk from around the country.  Grab some tools and ideas on planning your journey and working with other groups to end tar sands extraction and envision a healthier future.   We can’t stop until the world knows how much harm is coming to the First Nations people of Alberta and throughout Canada, and understands the climate destruction arising from our fossil fuel addiction.

Sign up for the sojourn to the healing walk. 

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After you’ve connected here and registered your group’s trip, please head over to, website for more info about this event.  Hear first hand from the local organizers about why they started the healing walk and learn more about participating.

Click here for the Healing Walk Logistics Handbook

Wondering what to do AFTER the Healing Walk? Click here.